About Us







kOog voor Tekst is the editorial company of Joost Simons, located in Koog aan de Zaan, a small town just north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

After having studied chemistry and crowning my microbiological research with a PhD, I turned my attention in 1992 to the 'old' love of my family: writing.

Since then, I have made editorial contributions to a range of Dutch- and English-language magazines, brochures, books, websites, listings, advertisements and other productions for clients in the Netherlands, England, the United States, Sweden and Belgium.

In many cases I was involved in the entire production process, meaning I have built up ample experience in image editing, website design and production guidance as well.

My main writing expertise and experience concerns the fields of arts, culture, entertainment, travel, science and industrial history. However, a broad general education, healthy curiosity and easy writing style offer me more than enough tools to tackle other subjects as well.

For English-language editorial productions and translations, I work with my American fiancé, who provides the 'finishing touch'.

My motto is: keep it simple and make it exciting. Not the subject but the writer determines how interesting and easy-to-read a text is.